The WOW! Menu

Burgers and fries are at the core of all that we do, but we know that people want more.  So we created a business model that gives customers the variety they want minimizing complexity and costs for the franchisees.

Customization is the Key:  The biggest driving factor in the growth of the better burger segment is customization. A recent survey found that 64% of people want to be able to customize burger toppings and condiments. The WOW! Build Your Own Burger provides the ultimate in customization.

Choose Your Protein: With a choice of an all-natural beef burger, turkey burger, Kobe beef hot dog, veggie burger or chicken breast we have variety and quality with everyone’s favorite proteins to choose from.

Pick Your Bun: Fresh Baked In-house French White, Gluten Free, Honey Wheat or Lettuce Wrap provides a selection to satisfy those with allergies, on a diet or able to enjoy the fresh baked goodness of our daily baked white buns.

Toppings: Seventeen traditional and unique burger toppings to choose from to make each burger its own masterpiece made just the way you want it.

Sauce It: Ten sauce choices for the ideal saucy flavor to top off your burger including our own specialty WOW! Sauce, Buttermilk Ranch and Chipotle Aioli.

Cheese It: With a choice of six cheeses each guest can go traditional American or make it unique to make their flavor preference.

WOW! It: The ultimate step to creating the unique burger is our WOW! It section of premium toppings from the classics like Applewood Bacon to the adventurous like Fresh Avocado, Pineapple or SPAM we have something for everyone.


Our top selling and unique combination burgers, chicken and salad items are listed in our Signature section and provide the ideal option for first time customers or those looking for a known great tasting burger or salad.

WOW! Sides

WOW! Look at the great side items you can choose from. Yes we have some of the greatest fries around, but we also offer great tasting tater tots, sweet potato tots, onion stack, deep-fried pickles, turkey chili, chili fries or a side salad.  You can have a different side every day of the week for the ultimate variety.

Kid’s Meals

Kids are an important part of our business today and they are our future customers of tomorrow so we give them great options including our slider meal (with a mini beef or turkey burger), chicken strips (grilled or hand-battered and fried), housemade corn dog or grilled cheese. We believe in providing a kid’s meal that the kids will enjoy and mom will feel good about them eating.

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