The tale of The Original WOW! Burger begins, as so many do, with one man. This man had made the perfect burger on his backyard barbecue. It was thick, juicy and full of flavor. He could add to it whatever toppings his heart desired and serve it up on a bun that was soft and chewy on the inside and grilled to perfection in the middle.

Having experienced burger nirvana, our hero set out on a quest of delicious proportions. His task: Find the best burger not made by his own hand. This odyssey of gastronomical excellence took him all around America, but rarely did it bring him to a burger approaching the perfection he’d achieved in his own backyard.

Then it struck him. If he couldn’t buy the perfect burger, he would simply teach others how to make it. He would open his own restaurant, where any day of the week, he could walk in and taste a custom creation that would trump the so-called triumphs of lesser burger joints.

That restaurant is now known as The Original WOW! Burger, and if you’ve found yourself on a similar quest for the perfect burger, rest easy. You need search no more. Simply cruise on over to your nearest location and order. We’ll take it from there.