The Original

WOW! Burger

The burger that started it all. We take a 1/3-lb. Country Natural beef patty and top it with fresh lettuce, tomato and onions. To put the exclamation point on it, we finish it off with a slather of our super-secret WOW! Sauce.

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The Big

Kahuna Burger

The next best thing to a Hawaiian vacation. Our house made teriyaki glazes a 1/3-lb. Country Natural beef patty, which is then crowned with spam and pineapple to sweeten the deal. Add lettuce, red onion and garlic aioli to create an island of sheer deliciousness.

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Our Spicy

Turkey Burger

A bird of a different feather. Sweet and spicy flock together when we spice up a 1/3-lb. Diestel Farms turkey burger with our cinnamon-chipotle rub, and then dress it with jalapenos, lettuce, onion and chipotle-aioli. Is it getting hot in here? Then feel free to hold the jalapeños.

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