New Month, New Store, New Burger!

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate this month. First, it was America’s birthday yesterday. Second, the new store is opening its doors in less than a week. Third, it’s the first full month of summer. All of these things are phenomenal and call for a phenomenal burger. In case you missed the announcement on Facebook, we’re bringing back the “Creation of the Month” challenge. Let’s see how creatively delicious you fine people can get. Pack the bells and whistles onto your burgers and control your hunger just long enough to snap a picture of your creation before digging in. Then get to your computers (or do it on your smartphones if you’re feeling snazzy) and upload your masterpiece onto the Facebook site. Don’t forget to tell us what you put in your burger and feel free to give it a name – this is your baby after all. Let the feasting begin!

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  • Lisa Delaney September 19th, 2013

    We just visited Portland, OR for the first time last weekend. Before we boarded the plane, we stopped at your store. OMG WHAT A GREAT BURGER and awesome Parm fries. I wish you had a store in Iowa!

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