Get To Know Your Food: Our Cheeses

It’s practically impossible to grow up in Oregon and not have gone to the Tillamook Cheese Factory at least once to take maybe a few too many free samples of their squeaky cheese. The folks down there treat their cows well, make a hormone free product, and give back to their community. Here at WOW! Burger we like to go local in our cheese choices and picked 4 Tillamook cheeses to feature on our burgers.

  • Cheddar: There’s a reason this cheese’s name has become a synonym for money. Make no mistake about it, choosing cheddar will never be a mistake. This stuff won World’s Best Medium Cheddar Cheese in 2010. That’s how you know that there is no regret mixed in with this cheese, just happiness and sunshine. But please refrain from making it rain cheddar slices.
  • American: Just like the country it’s named after, this cheese feels like home. Just thinking about it gives me flashbacks to the burgers my dad used to make. And then again to when I would just eat slices of it straight from the fridge. You can do that in America – yay for freedom of cheese!
  • Swiss: The holiest of cheeses. I was going to try to avoid that joke but I realized I’d be remiss to dismiss the bliss of that Swiss…pun. There’s not a synonym for “pun” that rhymes with Swiss.
  • Pepper Jack: This is the cheese of strong-willed people who can’t quite make up their mind. Do you want your cheese to be spicy or sweet? The answer? Yes. And that’s why we love it. Never a dull moment with Jack.
 Our Bleu and Provolone cheese aren’t from Tillamook but they’re so delicious we invited them to the party anyway.
  • Provolone: Provolone’s mild, friendly disposition gets constant love from everyone. Some say he’s the smooth criminal Michael Jackson so famously sang about. It’s not his fault he’s so smooth. Don’t hate the cheese, hate the game.
  • Bleu: The classiest things have funny spellings: theatre, honour, glamour, etc. And while Bleu cheese began in France, not the UK, it’s still a classy madame. Put this on your burger to switch your “Wow!” to a “Sacrebleu!”

I apologize for how cheesy these puns were. I havarti begun to regret them. I thought it was a goud-idea at the time. I curd have made some better ones. I’ve made a total munstr-ocity of this post. If you need me, I’ll brie in writer’s time out.

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